Our Products

For over 80 years Anjari has continued the tradition of manufacturing quality soft drinks to shops, families and offices throughout Tanga, Dar es salaam and neighboring countries. We offer the variety of soft drinks and juice made from your favorite ingredients and package sizes that fit your lifestyle. It’s all about choice and finding the match that’s right for you.

About Anjari Soda Factory

Anjari Soda Factory Limited (ASFL), incorporated in 1960, is a well-established and reputed Soft Drinks & Syrups manunfacturer in Tanga – Tanzania. ASFL is a family owned and run business that was started in the 1930s as a small sole proprietorship under its founder, the Late Mulla Akberali Anjari. Among its widely popular brands are Healtho and Cream Soda and Rose Concentrated Syrup.